Does anyone else get a case of the Mondays from time to time? I think the majority of us do (we’re human, it happens). Why do you think this happens? For me I have found it’s because I am not being mindful. I am not in the present moment. I am either thinking about how much fun I had this past weekend or I’m dreading my 6 day work week that lies ahead. Whenever I find myself in this situation, I look for inspiration to bring me back into the moment. Inspiration can come from so many places – a book, a beautiful crystal, an amazing conversation, even Instagram! Sometimes all we need is a little something to shake us out of our beginning of the week fog to encourage us to move into a place of mindfulness. And this is how #MindfulMondayWithSteff came to fruition. Every Monday, I want to bring my readers something special to inspire them to be mindful for the day and maybe even throughout their entire week!

This week I thought I would get started with one of my favorite things to do that brings me lots of awareness and guidance – a tarot reading! Here’s a quick summary of what tarot cards are and how they work. Tarot cards are one of the oldest types of fortune telling known to man! Most decks have 78 cards. Each card has its own beautifully drawn picture that represents in a certain aspect in one’s life and a message to go along with it.

Leeza Robertson’s Animal Totem Tarot card deck is what I’m currently using for my readings. She is an amazing author, tarot professional, and overall is a phenomenal healer. I purchased her magical deck at my local Barnes and Nobles – but it can be found on amazon.com as well!



Before I began this reading, I cleansed myself of any energy that may effect this reading. As I shuffled this deck throughly, I cleansed the cards of any old energy from past readings. I held the deck close to my heart and asked them to show us a card to give us guidance for this upcoming week. I laid the cards out in a river facedown and picked the card that called out to me most.



This reading comes from “Guide To The Animal Totem” by Leeza Robertson

XXI The World / Atoll

“Do you know what conditions are necessary to create a thriving new world? There is a special ingredient list and everything has to come together at the exact same time. It is not easy to complete and sustain a thriving ecosystem. But with time, patience, and perseverance it can be done. Miss any one step or any one ingredient, and you will not get that which can sustain life. Instead you will get just a momentary look at what would have been.” – Message from the Atoll

Atolls are very fascinating, as they truly are a complete, thriving World; they take millions of years to develop and if the right elements are not present then they cannot grow.

Atolls are coral reefs that grow in the energy of underwater volcanoes. First, the volcano erupts, piling up lava on the seafloor. As the volcano continues to erupt, the lava pile elevation grows higher, eventually breaking the surface of the water. The top of the volcano becomes an oceanic island. The volcanic energy from below, mixed with the sun above, provides the perfect conditions for the reefs to be birthed out of the ocean.

In this respect, they show the completed cycle of creation just as the World card itself shows the completion of the journey of the Major Arcana (these cards show the journey of the soul starting from innocence and ending in wisdom – REBIRTH).  Coral is considered an animal and not a plant; it grows, feeds, and dies. The type of corals that build reefs are called hermatypic corals. These amazing creatures attract an abundance of other life to come and take up residency in a world that they created.

The Atoll itself is the completed journey of this World’s creation, just as the World card is in the Major Arcana marks the completion of the Fool’s Journey. This is a card of completion; something must come to an end, has ended, or the conditions to build a new and wonderful World are not being spotlighted. Endings are also beginnings, for as one cycle slows down and begins to end, another has already started and is gaining momentum. Just like the Atoll, there is always new life waiting as the end of the creation process. – Leeza Robertson

Card of the Day Journal Prompts

  • If you were to create your own ideal World, what would it look like?
  • What conditions do you need to create for the life you want to live?
  • What areas of your life have you finally conquered?

I encourage you to take a couple minutes to either physically answer the questions above in your journal or simply ponder them in your mind before you start your day! And anytime you find yourself wandering off from the present moment – come back to this reading. Remind yourself that the conditions to make your world a better place are all within you.

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