Private Yoga Lessons

 What can a private yoga lesson do for your practice?

Working in a private setting creates a space where all of the attention is on you, the student. This space allows for open dialog between “Student” and “Teacher”, nurturing growth and understanding. Stephanie will get to know your body, and understand your physical, mental, and spiritual goals. She will then design a practice centered around you, and tailor it to your needs. Through this practice you will find your unique and strong foundation, and, with Stephanie’s constant support and guidance along the way, gain a thorough understanding of how to use your breath to stretch the body, move consciously to calm the mind, and create awareness to cultivate a balanced spirit. In the process, you will find that you will get to know yourself in a way that you did not previously know was possible, both on and off the mat.  

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Lynda, age 52 – When I started taking yoga with Stephanie I didn’t know how important yoga would become to me. I believe yoga has transformed my body and given me peace of mind every time I practice. Stephanie is an amazing woman and teacher. She brings to the practice such passion and vitality. She believes in what she does and passes on her enthusiasm and her desire for healthy living and well being. Stephanie loves what she does and it becomes clear the moment you meet her. I am so blessed to have her in my life.


Tim, age 52 – I train privately with Stephanie. I have specific poses and goals that I want to work on and Stephanie Jensen helps break down these challenging poses in a way that is possible of achieving. She breaks down these poses step by step to help me progress while making it a lot of fun. Stephanie knows when to push me a little harder and knows when to slow things down. She has a passion for yoga and it is contagious! I highly recommend her as both a group and one-on-one teacher.


Jennifer, age 58 – Do you smile while practicing yoga – I do! All because of Stephanie! She has guided and helped me grow in strength and in confidence. She took the time to ask about my goals and build a relationship. A week without Stephanie is a week without sunshine. I am a devoted yoga fan!


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